Gene Costa


The Firm Mr. Morolto Feature Sidney Pollak Paramount Pictures
That Evening at the Paradise Hotel Senator Harmon Lead Robert Solomon Solomon's Choice Productions
The Long Wait Dual Roles Leads Tim Ritter 315 Films
Day of Diablo Father Alexander Lead Calvin Wilson Full Sail University, Film School
5 Minutes Gary Winston Lead Darren  Richmond International Academy of Design and Technology
The Black Wedding Dr. Von Cosel Lead Chad Eidschun Atomic Age Films
Killers Over Coffee Mitch O'Keefe Lead Chris Seligmiller Seligmiller Films
Food for Thought Mr. Marshal Lead Ashlie Cassel Full Sail University, Film School
Asset #9 Issack Beloch Co-Star Cory Rittenhouse Full Sail University, Film School
The Death of  Uncle Frank Uncle Frank Co-Star Nicole Emanuele Florida State U. Film School
5100 North Wesson Jon Co-Star Mathew Darlin Full Sail University, Film School
Havana Antonio Co-Star Esteban Rodriguez Full Sail University Film School
Dearheart's Bakery Papa Co-Star Jeremy Sims Promethean Productions
Keystone Mr. Grant Co-Star Julian Fernandez Tome Full Sail University, Film School
*Keeper of The Earth Adam Supporting Tim Ritter 315 Films
Moment of Truth Father Supporting Tim Ritter 315 Films
Dies Solis Father Vance Supporting Alex Durham Florida State U. Film School
*The Caress of the Creature Council Official Supporting Stewart McAlpine Florida State U. Film School
Blood Song Roger Cates Supporting Sydney Majurie Reel Live Productions
The Couch Jack Supporting Sage Hall Star Fruit Productions
Remedy Michael Supporting Pat Mitchell 315 Films
Just Weight Dr. E. L. Brown Supporting Andrew Nigro Full Sail University, Film School
This Land Assemblyman 1 Supporting Bella Reeves Full Sail University  Film School
Your Son, Randal Frank, Attorney Supporting James Goodbrad Faceplant Productions
Maxwell 's Mind J. M. Haldane Supporting Ben Solovey Florida State U. Film School
Walking With Kings Father Perronni Supporting John Linde StormWatch Pictures
Baseball and Glory Coach Guarino Supporting Brett Bonovicz Psychosomatic Productions
That's the Name of that Tune Tony Supporting J&R Dastoli University of Central Florida
Sherman's March Dr. Pennypacker Supporting Mike Wagner Florida State U. Film School
Live, Cry, Shampoo and Die Doc (Psychologist) Supporting Daryn Murphy Yitibit Films
LobStar Scientist B Supporting Mathew Richards Valencia DV School 
*Course of Action Chief Nichols Supporting Joseph Cupicha Full Sail Film School
Memphis Beat Wes Chambers Supporting Molli Benson Molli Benson Productions
Cattle Car Complex Limo Driver Supporting Scott Berchman Penn State Film School
The Eyes Have It Sgt. Lyle Crawford Supporting Molli Benson Molli Benson Productions
My First Love Oldie Supporting Mark Weathers Indie/Outie Productions


Discovery Health Channel Alonzo Garcia        Lead               DR. G  Medical Examiner


C S Productions Spokesperson Lead CS Productions
Internal Auditing Auditor Lead International Paper
Visual Effects Couch Lead Digital Juice
Implementing SPC Professor Lead International Paper
Statistics for Operations Instructor Co-Star International Paper
*Decisions By The Numbers Statistician Supporting International Paper
Pet Skin Care Pet Owner Supporting Hill's Pet Nutrition
Statistics for Managers Mr. Biggs,  Mill Manager Supporting International Paper


No Current Conflicts  Principal, POC, MOS List Upon Request


A Pack of Lies Bob Jackson        Co-Star Germantown Community Theatre
Rumpelstiltskin The Miller Co-Star Harrell Theater of the Performing Arts
The Gift of The Magi O' Henry Co-Star Harrell Theater of the Performing Arts
Tony n Tina's Wedding Nunzio Supporting Marathon Key, Key Colony Inn
**The Wedding From Hell Jackie Fitzhugh Supporting Playhouse 19
Guys and Dolls Arvide Abernathy Supporting Bartlett Community Theater
Tony n Tina's Wedding Nunzio Supporting The Itinerate Theatre Company
Mame Claude Upson Supporting Bartlett Community Theater
The Good, The Dead, and The Ugly Max Shephard Supporting Mysteries on Beale (Dinner Theater)
Guys and Dolls Big Jule Supporting Memphis  Community Center
The Sound of Music Admiral Von Schrieber Supporting Theater Memphis


Richard Futz On Camera Auditioning Techniques Charleston, SC
Terry Berland Auditions to Win Workshop Los Angeles
Linda Fionte Acting for Commercials Workshop Miami
Linda Fionte Next Steps Workshop Miami
Patti Robinson Film Acting Workshop Orlando
Jean Hammonds Acting and Singing Workshop New York
Molli Benson Film Acting Workshop Los Angeles
Allyn Dysert Acting for the Camera Chicago
Cary Spears Acting Workshop Washington, DC
PhD Sudies Operations Research and Statistics, Polytechnic Institute of New York University Brooklyn, New York

Special Skills

Music Dialects Accents Sports Other
Vocalist (Baritone) British New England Swimming Cry on Demand
Pianist French New York Tennis Good with Dogs
Music Theory Italian Southern Golf Photography
      Softball Artist
        Research Scientist  for 18 Years ( Credited with Several US and Foreign Patents)
        Corporate Executive for 12 Years


Honorable Mention at the Park City Slam Dance Festival and Grand Jury Award at the Florida Film Festival also qualified in the Shorts Competition in the 2008 Academy Awards "Caress of the Creature"
2012  "Keeper of the Earth" Voted Best Religious/Spiritual Film @ the Directors Circle Festival in Pennsylvania
 Crystal Reel Award "Course of Action"
 Crystal Award Nomination  for Best Supporting Actor "The Wedding From Hell"
 National Telly Award for Best Industrial Video "Decisions by the Numbers"


Tampa Bay Tribune review of "The Wedding from Hell"

"Father-in-law-to-be Jackie Fitzhugh, played by Gene Costa is a riot as a course talking novelty-making newly rich bozo.   His sense of humor, along with a deep belly laugh, brings to the audience a fresh look at obnoxious.  In fact he defines the word"