Character Roles


  Scene from "Remedy"
Scenes from "Food For Thought" Gene is the Zodiac Killer Scene 8 from "Moment of Truth"
Scenes from "That Evening at the Paradise Hotel" Improv --Gene is playing both parts


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          Principal in  "The Caress of the Creature"   Honorable mention at the Slam Dance Film Festival & Eligible for the 2008 Academy Awards

          Lead Role in the documentary Television show "Dr. G Medical Examiner" on the Discovery Health channel

          Co-Star Role in  "Keeper of the Earth" Best Religious/Spiritual Film in 2012 @ the Directors Circle Festival in Pennsylvania .

          Principal in the  Crystal Reel Award winner "Course of Action"

          Crystal Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in "The Wedding from Hell"
          Principal in the  Telly Award Winner " Decisions by the Number"

          Principal in the 2013 SAG national Dairy Queen commercial

Principal in the recent SAG national Vytorin commercial.

Principal in the national commercial for The Villages.

Principal in a national SAG commercial for Target.

Featured in "The Firm" with Tom Cruise




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